What You Can Do

We have just named two new tarsier species. Our current fundraising campaign is to raise enough to name two more already discovered species within the next 12 months. Click the picture below  to donate now.

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There are many ways you can help tarsier science and conservation, Please explore what is best for you:

What your financial contribution support? Here are some estimates:

-$10 supports one Indonesian student in the field for one daystudents in field

-$100 keeps the education program running for one day

-$1,000 supports an entire student research project for an Indonesian undergraduate honors thesis, suitable for publication in a regional scientific journal

-$3,300 provides full tuition (covering all costs from airport to airport) for one foreign-based student and one Indonesian student for the entire field methods course.

-$10,000 supports one entire field study suitable for publication in an international journal

-$35,000 fully funds our current effort to name two more species we have already discovered

-$100,000 fully funds all operations at their current level for one year

-$1,000,000 transforms tarsier science and conservation into a regional force for stemming biodiversity loss and mitigating climate change.

-$10,000,000 fully funds virtually every important scientific and conservation initiative under consideration exclusive of land purchases for privately held conservation areas.

We are looking for donations of:field students in tree

-thermal video cameras

-Infrared video cameras

-Infrared goggles

-Telemetry equipment for radio tracking

-Bat detectors for recording high frequency vocalizations

-Office space in the areas that we are based Bellingham, WA (USA) and Manado, North Sulawesi (Indonesia).

Tarsier merchandise is essential for awareness campaigns, and it allows local people to earn money from nature tourism. We are currently looking for a manufacturer to produce high-quality tarsier plush toys i.e. stuffed animals.

Other ways to help:field students laughing

-Use certified zero deforestation products such as certified palm oil

-Like us on Facebook or follow us on twitter

-Tell your friends! Raising awareness is part of the battle!